In 2009 the website wallofoffense.com was launched. Here people have since been able to fill in words they perceive as politically incorrect. This has become a multilingual database of individual expressions of political incorrectness. Since its launch the database has become an outlet for the angry, anthropological data for the interested and bar-jokes for the optimistic. For

WALLOFOFFENSE.COM (illustrated) the database of wallofoffense.com is used to investigate the way we apply new meaning to combinations of existing symbols and language. Following a strict set of self imposed rules, images are selected from images.google.com using the words in the database as search-words. Every few seconds a random chosen image is combined with a random word from the database, thus creating a constant flow of new combinations of existing cultural content.

The wallofoffense.com slideshow has previously been shown at the Twente Biennale, PLANETART Artspace and was projected on the facade of the Volkskrantgebouw in Amsterdam